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Introducing LabStart

We are glad you're here!

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However you've landed here, welcome. LabStart is a new (ish) nonprofit on a big mission to solve a well known Wicked Problem. LabStart's debut follows three years of experimentation, building, and testing - almost entirely under the public radar. No social media handles, no news announcements, and minimal market visibility. Just good ol' fashioned customer discovery. Until now!

With access to the right networks, training, and relationships, we believe that commercializing climate tech companies can be:

  • A more streamlined experience!

  • A more enjoyable experience!

  • A more inclusive experience!

The LabStart Mission
We unlock climate innovations hidden in premier research laboratories to help diverse entrepreneurs launch breakthrough startups.

In short, LabStart is building accessible pathways for underrepresented entrepreneurs to bring climate technologies from lab-to-market. Many understand, and have come to accept, that a trove of valuable, scalable climate technologies continue to sit dormant - untapped or hidden behind research institution walls. To unlock these ready-innovations in a way that generates equitable market opportunities for underserved communities, LabStart has developed a venture studio program to help match market-ready climate tech with talented entrepreneurs selected from the front lines of climate change.


The LabStart Vision
Our vision is to reimagine the lab-to-market commercialization process in a way that welcomes all entrepreneurs, accelerates climate innovation, and incentivizes tech transfer accessibility and inclusion.

LabStart builds relationship networks and resource-bridges to improve the technology transfer experience for entrepreneurs, scientists, and industry partners alike. We are cross-connecting deep partnership solutions that help all entrepreneurs surpass systemic barriers to start climate tech companies.


Great Vision. What's next?

With several exciting partnerships and endorsements to announce, our team has geared up to shift this effort from the pilot concept phase >> to the >> Let's DO IT phase!

Applications open for our inaugural 2024 cohort in late November.

Many more details to come.

Follow Us!

To hear upcoming announcements like application launch and partnership announcements, please join our email list on the home page.

CEO talking to event attendees in an industrial event space

Photo: The first of a quarterly climate tech happy hour series with PortLabs in Oakland, CA.


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